Four Corners Emergency Management

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History of 4 Corners Emergency Management

The Four Corners Emergency Management group formed after severe weather affected Kansas and Missouri. Emergency management directors in counties along the Kansas-Missouri border met for the first time in 1997 to discuss border issues. They invited Oklahoma and Arkansas to participate in the discussion as well, because of their proximty and the need to work together in a disaster response.

The group began meeting quarterly with the National Weather Service Warning Coordinating Meteorologists from Springfield, Tulsa and Wichita and held a communications drill that simulated severe weather beginning in Wichita or Tulsa. Each emergency management director was to alert the EMD in the next border county.

As a result of the exercise, the group noticed an immense improvement in communication between bordering counties in the four states.

The first annual conference was held in Grand Lake, Oklahoma in 1999, and the Four Corners Emergency Management group has been hosting an annual conference since then.

While communications and weather remain the main issues, the conferences also included information on hazardous materials, homeland security, bioterrorism, public health, special needs, public information, mental health and more.